Cycling Tour: Hualien to Taitung 2017/12/29 – 2018/1/02

Cycling Tour: Hualien to Taitung 2017/12/29 – 2018/1/02

Kick off your 2018 in a healthy, invigorating way! This 5-day cycling tour is bringing you to Hualien and Taitung, one of the best cycling routes in Taiwan (if not in the world), visiting a great host of scenic spots and cultural attractions. With an average speed of 65 km per day, it is fit for beginners and leisure cyclists, or anyone who wants to welcome the new year amid beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Price: NT$17,800 (~US$600) per head *

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D1 (2017/12/29 Friday)
Hualien Station to Guangfu Township
(around 57 km’s ride with total climbing of 382 m)
  • Route: Hualien Station → Ji’an Township → Shoufeng Township → Fenglin Township → Guangfu Township
  • Attractions: Wild Monkey Forest Adventure, Cloud Mountain Water – Bald Cypress Forest, Shoufeng Farm Bureau, Xinfengping Bridge, Honeybee Town, DreamWorks Principals Fenglin, Bald Cypress Forest in Shizi Park, Jili Pond, Hualien Sugar Factory
  • Meals included: Lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Fatainan Bed & Breakfast or equivalent
D2(2017/12/30 Saturday)
Guangfu Township to Changbin Township
(around 72 km’s ride with total climbing of 812 m)
  • Route: Guangfu Township → Fuyuan Village → Ruisui Township → Kiwit Tribe → Jingpu Tribe → Changbin Township
  • Attractions: Danongdafu Forest Park, Ruigang Road, Kiwit Tribe, Changhong Bridge, Jingpu Tribe, Tropic of Cancer Marker, Kolado’t Presbyterian Church, Diamond Avenue / Tadao Bike Trails
  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel Jajowan or equivalent
D3(2017/12/31 Sunday)
Changbin Township to Fugang Fishery Harbor
(around 76 km’s ride with total climbing of 401 m)
  • Route: Changbin Township → Ningbu Village → Wushibi Fishery Harbor → Sa’aniwan Tribe → Sanxiantai → Chenggong Town → Torik Tribe → Donghe Township → Dulan → Fugang Fishery Harbor
  • Attractions: Sa’aniwan Presbyterian Church, Shi Yusan Scenic Area, Pisirian Tribe, Sanxiantai Scenic Area, Chenggong Flower Sea, Old Donghe Bridge, Jinzun Recreation Area, Sintung Sugar Factory Cultural Park, Water Running Up Scenic Spot, Jialulan Recreation Area, Xiaoyeliu
  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Fully One Homestay or equivalent
D4(2018/01/01 Monday)
Fugang Fishery Harbor to Chihshang Township
(around 60 km’s ride with total climbing of 648 m)
  • Route: Fugang Fishery Harbor → Yanwan → Lichi Village → Luanshan Village → Luye Township → Ruiyuan Village → Guanshan Township → Chihshang Township
  • Attractions: “Taiwan’s Road of New Zealand” – County Road No. 197, Lichi Badlands, Little Huangshan Scenic Line, Ruiyuan Green Tunnel, Guanshan Township Loop Bike Lane, Chihshang Barn Art Museum, Chihshang Flower Sea
  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Chihshang Pastoral Farm Resort or equivalent
D5(2018/01/02 Tuesday)
Chihshang Township to Ruisui Township
(around 64 km’s ride with total climbing of 230 m)
  • Route: Chihshang Township → Fuli Township → Changliang → Dongli Village → Yuli Township → Guanyin → Chunri → Ruisui Township
  • Attractions: Zhuofu Road, Tenno Rice Factory, Dongli Bike Station, Yufu Bike Trail, Junction of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, Yuli Bridge, Hualien County Police Bureau, Xiuguluan River Boating Station
  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

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Organizer: Bike Explorer Club

* The price includes:

  1. Accommodation (twin rooms mainly; rooms for multiple people on occasion) for 4 nights and the meals (with non-alcoholic drinks) listed on the itinerary.
  2. Use of bikes, safety helmets, bike gloves; provision of backup bikes, spare parts, and relevant consumables;
  3. A free water bottle, a participant’s handbook, and a designated nameplate for each participant;
  4. Support vehicles and fuel and toll costs incurred;
  5. Refreshments such as drinking water, sweets, biscuits, fruits, etc.;
  6. Insurance (travel insurance and travel agency liability insurance totalling NT$5 million; medical insurance totalling NT$500,000);
  7. Professional tour guides and cycling coaches;

and excludes:

  1. Meals not listed on the itinerary and any alcoholic drinks;
  2. Transportation costs for any trips not listed on the itinerary;
  3. Any top-up insurance.