Cycling Tour: Hayouxi Hot Spring 2018/2/20-24

Cycling Tour: Hayouxi Hot Spring 2018/2/20-24

Season’s special! Accessible only during the dry season (December to March) and with the guidance of the indigenous people, Hayouxi Hot Spring at Pingtung, also known as the Bath of Clouded Leopards, is unheard-of for most tourists but is high on the must-see list of many adventurous explorers. To quote Richard Saunders, travel blogger and book author, “Although I’m still far away from seeing all of Taiwan’s remaining wild hot springs, I’m sure Hayouxi Hot Spring can stake a fair claim to being the most stunningly beautiful of all. The rocks of the kilometer-long gorge of accessible hot spring activity are clothed in a variety of beautiful mineral-and-bacteria-painted colors in many shades of red, orange, yellow, green, grey and brown… it’s those incredible colors, the beauty and ruggedness of the gorge, and the impressive remoteness of the place, that really repay a visit.”

Sign up for our upcoming bike tour in February to visit this secret wonderland. The trip is a nice mix of cycling and hiking, nature and culture. But you need to act fast, really really fast, as the March one was fully booked before we could put up this post! So, hurry up!

Price: NT$17,800 (~US$600) per head *

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D1 (2018/02/20 Tuesday)
Tainan Station to Qishan District, Meinong District at Kaohsiung
(around 49 km’s ride with total climbing of 314 m)
  • Route: Tainan Station → Alian District at Kaohsiung → Tianliao District → Qishan District → Meinong District
  • Attractions: Moon World Landscape Park at Tianliao District, Cishan/Qishan Station – Sugar Factory Cultural Park, Qishan Old Street, Qishan Landscape Bridge, Meinong Lake Bike Trail, Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum, Meinong Word-worshipping Pagoda/Minongjhuang Oblation Furnace, Meinong Ethnic Village, Cishan/Qishan (Ciwei/Qiwei) Sugar Factory
  • Meals included: lunch
  • Accommodation: Hua-Xiang Resort at Cishan/Qishan Sugar Factory or equivalent
D2(2018/02/21 Wednesday)
Qishan District to Wutai Township at Pingtung County
(around 48 km’s ride with total climbing of 1031 m)
  • Route: Qishan District at Kaohsiung → Meinong District → Gaoshu Township at Pingtung County → Sandimen Township → Wutai Township
  • Attractions: Municipal Gaoshu Elementary School, Former Residence of Chung Li-Ho/Zhong Lihe – a well-known Taiwanese novelist, Guchuan Bridge Lookout at Wutai Township, Guchuan Recreation Area, Yanbanxiang Artistic Street
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Kabalelradhane Lodge
D3(2018/02/22 Thursday)
Dawu Tribe at Wutai Township to Dawu Hot Spring Campsite by car
Dawu Hot Spring Campsite to Hayouxi Hot Spring on foot
  • Route:
    08:30 Dawu Tribe to Dawu Hot Spring Campsite (by car)
    09:30 Campsite setup
    11:00 Lunch – handmade djulis noodle
    12:00 Heading to Hayouxi Hot Spring (on foot); gather ingredients for dinner
    14:00 Multicolor cliff of Hayouxi Hot Spring
    15:00 Heading back to the campsite
    17:00 Hot spring time
    18:30 Dinner – aboriginal food
    19:30 Campfire time
  • Attractions: Ailiao Northern Stream, Dawu Hot Spring, tributary of Wutoushan Northern Stream, tributary of Qiaoguola Subsidiary Stream, Hayouxi, Sandiecai Yellow Waterfall, Multicolor cliff of Hayouxi
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Dawu Hot Spring Campsite
D4(2018/02/23 Friday)
  • Route:
    08:00 Breakfast
    09:00 Hot Spring time
    10:00 Heading back to Dawu Tribe
    12:00 Aboriginal Kabalelradhane food
    13:00 Visit of Kabalelradhane
    14:00 Heading to Vedai Tribe
    15:00 Visit of Vedai Tribe
  • Attractions: Dawu Hot Spring, Ailiao Northern Stream, Kabalelradhane aiyu jelly, Yanbanxiang Artistic Street
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation: Kabalelradhane Lodge
D5(2018/02/24 Saturday)
Wutai Township to Pingtung Station
(around 62 km’s ride with total climbing of 385 m)
  • Route: Wutai Township → Sandimen Township → Majia Township → Neipu Township → Wanluan Township → Neipu Township → Pingtung Station
  • Attractions: Kabalelradhane, Guchuan Bridge, Shatao Lazurite Art at Sandimen Township, Niujiaowan Chocolate Manor, Wanchin/Wanjin Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Wanluan pork knuckles, Wanluan Suspension Bridge, Fengtian Old Street
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch


The above itinerary is for reference only. The exact one will be announced in the briefing meeting and adjustments may be made during the trip if deemed appropriate.

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Organizer: Bike Explorer Club

* The price includes:

  1. Accommodation (twin rooms; single room is available for a top-up of NT$5,600) for 4 nights and the meals (with non-alcoholic drinks) listed on the itinerary.
  2. Use of bikes, safety helmets, bike gloves; provision of backup bikes, spare parts, and relevant consumables;
  3. A free water bottle, a participant’s handbook, and a designated nameplate for each participant;
  4. Support vehicles and relevant costs (fuel, toll, parking, etc.) incurred; entrance fees for tourist spots;
  5. Refreshments such as drinking water, sweets, biscuits, fruits, etc.;
  6. Transportation, campsite, and tour guide at Dawu Tribe and Hayouxi;
  7. Insurance (travel insurance and travel agency liability insurance totalling NT$5 million; medical insurance totalling NT$500,000);
  8. Photo-taking;
  9. Professional tour guides and cycling coaches;

and excludes:

  1. Meals not listed on the itinerary and any alcoholic drinks;
  2. Transportation costs for any trips not listed on the itinerary;
  3. Any top-up insurance;
  4. Transportation cost from participants’ residence to the meet-up point (Tainan Station).

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