Around-the-Island in 9 Days – Day 6: Pingtung to Taitung

Cycling Route No. 1 - Day 6: Pingtung County to Taitung City
Cycling Route No. 1 – Day 6: Pingtung County to Taitung City

Total distance 115.88 km | Total ascent 959 m | Total descent 878 m

Checheng → Sihjhongsi → County Road 199 → Shouka → Provincial Highway 9 (Darren – Jhihben/Zhiben) → Taitung City

Note: For Day 5 and Day 6, there are discrepancies between the map and the two GPX files. We have plotted the route of the two days according to the map.

NOTE: To use the routes, please install the App on your smartphone. The App will launch and load the route automatically after you tap the above links on your smartphone’s browser. For Garmin Connect, you can then use the APP to send the route to your garmin device. If your Garmin device is not purchased in Taiwan, you will also need make sure you have the Taiwan map on your device. Here is our blog post on this topic.


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