Road Conditions for Cyclists in Taiwan – How to check the lastest information

The roads in Taiwan are exceptionally well-maintained. In cases where damages are caused by earthquakes and typhoons, repairs are swiftly carried out, ensuring that roads, including those for cycling around the islands, are quickly restored. However, in some remote areas, such as the mountains, road repairs can be more challenging and may take longer.

During the repair period, some roads may be temporarily closed, while others may allow passage only during specific windows of time, potentially interrupting our rides. To ensure smooth cycling through these areas, it is crucial to check the website of the Directorate General of Highways, which provides a ‘Provincial Highway Real-time Information Service.’

  • Click on the “Switch Language” at the top right corner to change the interface to English
  • Click on “Prov. Highway CCTV” to deselect it. Then, click on “Construction Info.” and “Disaster Info.” to select them.
  • On the map, zoom in to the area you plan to visit
  • Click on the icons on the map to view the text
  • Select the text, copy it, and then Paste to computer translation services like Google Translate or ChatGPT

At times, traffic control information can be found in ‘Construction Info.’ while at other times in ‘Disaster Info.’ Therefore, it’s important to read information from both categories. Please do not blame the translation services if you find it hard to understand. The original text may pose challenges even for a Chinese-speaking person, and occasionally, I find it necessary to call the nearby police station to confirm my understanding.

It’s crucial to note that this website only displays road conditions for Provincial Highways. In instances where we prefer cycling on County Highways, Township Roads, and Industrial Roads, for quieter traffic and better views, I have yet to find a centralised website for that. In such cases, searching for news about a particular road or calling nearby police stations to check becomes essential. Additionally, when booking hotels or restaurants, staff members may provide valuable information about any road closures. In case of poor road conditions, it’s safer to switch to larger roads.