Our Partner: Bike Explorer Club

Bike Explorer Club Logo

Bike Explorer Club is founded by a group of cycling enthusiasts who believe in the life-transforming power of cycling. They had first honed their skills through the challenges of tour-de-Taiwan, then undertook training to become professional coaches. But after doing the round for hundreds of times, they realized that the usual way of round-the-island tour focused mainly on reaching the finish line. It failed to allow participants to see the true magnificence of the land, nor give them enough chance to get to know its people.

Bike Explorer Club was therefore born with the mission to promote a new approach to bike touring in Taiwan that brings you to every nook and cranny of the land, and lets you fully uncover its beauty and essence. The Club’s philosophy is “touring on bike, a LOHAS life”. Its team of professional coaches are keen on riding alongside you in their upcoming expeditions.

Since its foundation in 2013, Bike Explorer Club has organized more than 100 round-the-island tours and more than 100 short tours with various themes. With its thoughtful design of routes, professional guidance along the way, and strong logistical support, Bike Explorer Club has helped hundreds of cyclists to realize their dreams and reach their personal best.

The Club has a poetic name in Chinese: “山海戀”, which can be literally translated as “the love for mountains and seas”. It is hoped that by joining the Club’s tours, you will not only fall in love with cycling and the enchanting scenery in Taiwan, but will also embrace a healthy, sustainable, and blissful lifestyle.

Website: http://www.bikexc.com (Chinese only)