Taiwan’s Cycling Routes, Important Travel Tips & Cycling Product Reviews

How to Get Around Taipei Urban Area by Bike

If you are planning a trip to Taipei and looking for some tips and guidance in exploring the city on two wheels, this post may come in handy. Here we will try to provide you an overview of the road network in urban Taipei and offer our recommendations on what roads to take if you are riding a bike. We hope this will make you feel more comfortable to pedal your way through Taipei. Continue reading

Taiping 36 Bends

Taiping 36 Bends, or Meishan 36 Bends 梅山36彎 as known in Chinese, is a 15km route with 800m elevation gain in Meishan, Chiayi. It’s famous among local cyclists for its 36 hairpin turns and beautiful scenery along the way. Continue reading