We Work to Give You the Best Cycling Experience in Taiwan – Plan Your Trip Now

We are a bike-loving couple from Hong Kong. We have toured around Beijing, Lhasa, Southern France and Taiwan on bikes. To us, cycling is the best way to explore a place as it is done at the perfect speed: it is neither too hasty that you will likely missed some less conspicuous attractions, nor too sluggish that you can only cover a limited amount of ground. It also gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with the locals and thus makes the whole experience all the more memorable.

We found Taiwan one of the ideal destinations for cycling trips. Besides a wide variety of scenic attractions and delicious Asian cuisine which the island is acclaimed for, with the help of significant government investment in cycleways over the past decade and the ever growing enthusiasm in cycling among the locals, Taiwan has become a bike-friendly place where supply is abundant, accommodation easily accessible, safety by and large guaranteed, and friendly assistance all around. This is the place where we had our most enjoyable cycling experience.

We moved to Taipei with our family in early 2017 to set up Bike Express Taiwan, hoping to share our love for cycling and the island with old friends, new friends, and to promote to the world what we think is a challenging yet delightful way of exploring Taiwan. Whether you are a competent cyclist or a complete novice, we are here to offer you and your travel companions support and assistance so as to make your adventure in Taiwan a safe and amazing one.

Peter & Lois

Co-founders of Bike Express Taiwan